Fakhrul Rambo

was born kuching,sarawak
settled in Kedah darul aman
first joined the event of marathon in September 2012 to participate in half marathon at SP HALF MARATHON


My team partners is UTARA RUNNAZ based in Penang
My favorite event is loops run or run and enjoy the natural beauty and places of interest around the country..
challenge, sadness, stress, pain, forget and ignore it, think positive, do not give up, keep the physical and mental strength. if it is not capable of running can keep pace with walking, do not rest too long unless he's able to move forward with speed, should make thorough preparation, do not forget the  mandatory item. it is ultra running, let us move slowly as long as get to the finishing line.

 my message to all fellow runners do not make it as a reason of failure, so we do not dare to try and keep up the fight in ultra running.

Spirit of ME

#keepSMILE #THINKpositive #keepMoving

in any event we are ....
 keep your smile ... 
do not feel pressure...
  keep the motivation .. 
believe that we can ....